Daisy the bubble butt blonde FULL MOVIE in WMV format

Clip Time: 16 Minutes Clip Size: 238/mb
Daisy the bubble butt blonde FULL MOVIE in WMV format

Daisy decided to make the leap into escorting for cash and came to me to learn more. I like the first-time tryouts, but girls are often a bit nervous because of the big decision they are making. Like Daisy, they don’t want their boyfriend or family to find out, so won’t easily agree to being filmed even though they are about to enter a career of sex for money.We still got her face on camera, especially when the boss decided the best remedy was to just spill his entire sperm wad into her mouth and on her face. Check out how she tries to cover her eyes from the camera as Carla moves in to catch the unleashing of the load. And Daisy’s facial expression after getting her mouth filled with boss cum? Priceless! This FULL MOVIE should make anybody have a good laugh while they empty their balls.Verdict: Not hired . Daisy has all the necessary equipment and isn’t that far off from being employable, but still needs practice, especially with that huffing and puffing while she’s getting porked. I’ll bring her back for another try, but for now there is better talent to put in front of clients. Maybe I can turn her around.

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